Professional language learning

with business-focused one-to-one tuition

The best way to truly understand and communicate with your foreign-language clients and colleagues is to learn their language

Business-focused courses in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese

Bespoke courses in any other major business language offered per request


Why learn another language?

Paul Bulcke – CEO of Nestle

Being multilingual creates a stronger connection with peers, employees and consumers, which is critical for a business like ours.

The WoW Words Language Learning Lab enables you to

Read, write, speak and listen in order to communicate more efficiently with your customers and colleagues abroad

Communicate better with your clients.
Better communication is always a competitive advantage.

Connect with new customers
You’re far more likely to succeed in a new market with personal linguistic knowledge than without.

Show you care
Speaking a person’s native language is a great basis for a working relationship.

Find new business opportunities
With another language at your command, access new markets, new ideas and new growth potential directly.

Personal satisfaction
The feeling of overcoming this major challenge and opening up new opportunities is a great one.

Start learning

Book your free Language Learning Lab Consultation

A free pathfinding session is a great way to start your language learning. Establish where you are and where you need to be, including particular requirements such as a focus industry.

Everyone is different, and we will help you to find your perfect path to linguistic success. That’s why every free session is as unique as our courses.

How you learn in the Language Learning Lab

Learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese on a bespoke course targeting your linguistic needs in business.

Bespoke courses in any other major business language offered per request.


French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Language teachers

Professional mother-tongue language teachers.

Skill levels

Language courses can be designed for any skill level, but generally fall into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Who is it for?

Our business language courses help entrepreneurs, employees, organisations and owners to improve their foreign-language communication and, as such, their international business skills.

What will I learn?

Each language course is bespoke, designed according to your linguistic ability, objectives and situation. We’ll cover this in your free pathfinding session and find you the best path to achieving your objectives.

Lesson and course length

Sessions are bookable in blocks of 10 hours.


All students will receive a certificate of completion that counts toward CPD and proof of up-skilling.

How do I begin?

We offer a free Language Learning Lab pathfinding session with no obligations to anyone interested in learning a new language.


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